1. I used aces gaming in the past but I think they’re closed. I’m looking for a supplier or location where we can have an event. Please contact me 313-333-2708

    • The closest rooms to Ann Arbor are Roundtree and Thompsons Poker Room. Westland is not too far away for Krazy Kopz…either is Malarkeys or Momos. There are many rooms. Just check out my Map and give them a call for further details.
      Thanks for the comments,
      U Michigan Poker

  2. I’ve been told that Thompson’s is now closed and Roundtree is only Sunday through Wednesday?? Is that right?

    • Josh,
      It looks like it is the other way around. Roundtree is closing and Thompsons is staying open. Thompsons is Open Sunday through Wednesday at the American Legion 282 at 100 Ecorse Rd. I would try to call them during open times those days for Tourney and Cash info at #(734) 707-3503. I left a message for the old owner of Roundtree as it switched ownership about 4 months ago when I was dropped as a customer of theirs. According to MGCB website there are no licenses scheduled for Roundtree Poker Room for the month pf July. I have not been following so closely since they have not been my customer, but I do still have them listed on my site. I will confirm this soon and update my site accordingly. Thanks for the comment.

  3. Roundtree is not closing, in fact re-opening in McShanes Irish Pub at same location as it has always been. They will still offer Cash games Thurs- Sunday, details to follow. The owner in fact is also adding another room in Jackson, MI called Hard Knock Poker Room located at 3705 Ann Arbor Rd. They will be open Wed- Sat offering Cash as well, but open to tourneys if there is a high demand.
    Sincerely – Jim

    • Where are you looking? There are a lot of rooms that just concentrate on Cash because that is what they make the most $$ on. And now with all the rules from MGCB, it is hard to make $$. The tourney’s bring in the people, but the Cash makes the $$!! My site list some of the Tourneys but if you are looking you can always call anywhere on my map and ask each room if they have tournaments.
      Thanks for the comment…good luck finding a game!

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