UMichigan Poker Room Map

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  1. Wow!
    This is a sad commentary to once was the possibility of a viable industry in Michigan. 4 poker rooms not counting (3) casinos for a population of over 3+ million in our three counties Wayne Oakland Macomb!
    Well the dumbasses in Lansing got what they wanted.
    I tried to tell those amateurs at Trippers (Aces Gaming) up in Lansing they were on the wrong track with their compromises.
    We had gained enough power that we could have forced a referendum, had they just seen the bigger picture Doug Cruz!!!!!
    I’ll never forget testifying in front of the House Sub committee on Reg Reform, what a sham! Then the phone calls from Doug and his cronies trying to get me on their side.
    I told them to get on the legalization band wagon, we had the power with the number of players on our side. We gave the young crowd a reason to exercise their right to vote. Nope Aces thought they could handle the Lottery Bureau.
    I don’t understand why would allow the Lottery Bureau to give the jurisdiction over to the Gaming Board. We the people told the lottery Bureau in 1973 this is what we wanted, I guess maybe the vote really doesn’t matter in this country. We never told them “when you are tired of the work, give to the bulldog bureau”.

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