1. I have a poker room inside 5 star bowling alley in Sterling Heights MI, 48310. 586-339-0100. Circle Poker Room.

    • How big $? Deep stacks same question…do you have deep pockets right now or you just expect to win? Too bad you aren’t 21 or I would send you to Toledo, Hollywood Casino does a great job with their tournaments and probably would have right what you are looking for. As for local to Michigan, my suggestion is to use my map, call each place to get their tourney schedule and see if there is anything that suits your needs! Most places, especially Winning Hand in Woodhaven, runs a deep stack $100 tournament the 1st Saturday of every month. That you can find on my calendar, but the others you will have to call around for…at least I gave you all the phone #s and all the locations…have fun and good luck!
      Don’t lose all your $$!

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