About UMP

About UMichiganPoker LLC

UMichiganPoker has been promoting charity poker since January 2006. The site started out promoting Texas Hold'em Tournaments in Jackson, Lenawee and Washtenaw counties, with a couple regulars scattered around the metro Detroit area.

In April 2007 the site went state wide! This was a huge step for UMP, the web site and staff. This is also when a bunch of really techie-geek stuff happened in the background of the site. First off, all of the poker listings went into a database instead of being indivudually hand-edited. Second, the entire site got a facelift using cascading style sheets and templates.

The database has made listing new tournaments faster, easier and much less error prone. Now it takes 10 to 15 minutes to list a new tournament, and about an hour to get a new location on the chip map, the counties map and listed in the calendar. It also eliminates a lot of errors.

The search by county and click-able Michigan map are also possible thanks to the database. Enough with the geek stuff - on to why UMP exists, goals, aspirations, mission statements and so on!

UMP exists to promote charity poker tournaments in the Great State of Michigan! It's a way to combine a genuine enthusiasm for poker with fantastic charitable causes. Where else can you play poker and help out a children's hospital, or a family who's been struck with stage four cancer?

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