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The Michigan Court of Appeals on Thursday granted a request allowing new rules governing charity poker games to take immediate effect, according to a statement released by the Michigan Gaming Control Board.

The court order comes nearly a month after the appeals court reversed a lower court’s ruling that had declared the rules invalid based on the process followed to put them in place.

The new rules had been challenged by theMichigan Charitable Gaming Association, individual charities, gambling suppliers and permanent poker rooms.

The Gaming Control Board said it plans to begin issuing millionaire party licenses to qualified organizations under the new rules — originally promulgated in May 2014 — beginning early next week. The rules include a requirement that charities show they don’t just exist to operate millionaire parties.

Among other things, the new guidelines for the so-called millionaire parties will:

  • Reinforce the 2 a.m. curfew for the games.
  • Limit to two the number of charities allowed to host games at a single site per day.
  • Forbid dealers and other game operators to accept game chips as tips and limit the number of chips in play on a single game to $15,000.
  • Forbid remote software on computers used in charity poker rooms.

An earlier version of this story listed an incorrect curfew time for the games and incorrectly said that up to two games could take place at a single site concurrently. This version is correct. 

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