Poker Room Listing

Our most popular product!

When we list your location and events on, you show up all over the place on our site!  Here’s what we do for you, and where you will find all your information!

On our Calendar:

Each day, we have all of our active locations listed on our calendar.  When players click on the link, your charity, tournament information, location, address & phone number appears.  An abbreviated calendar listing is on our home page – titled “What’s going on Today and Tomorrow.”  These links are also included in the Tuesday general announcements e-mail newsletter.

On our Poker Room Map:

Each poker room listed on UMP has its own marker with the location, phone number and hours. This will be mobile friendly.

On Your Poker Room Custom Page

UMP will create a custom page for your poker room that players can bookmark and find out all about your room.  It can include your 300 x 500 pixel big banner,  your 30 day calendar listing, a map with your location and a photo library of anything you want (just send us the pics).  We can list your special announcements there as well.

We can customize this page further, with your facebook, web page, twitter, foursquare, and/or text club information.

Monthly General Announcements

Every Month, we send out a newsletter to all our poker players.  This newsletter contains a text link to each an every tournament in each and every poker room we list.

It also contains special events announcements.  We love helping you get more eyes on your special events, and more buns in your seats!  As soon as you schedule any type of special event, let us know!


Q: Do we need to provide our charity and license information to UMP every week?

A: No.  We have a list of all the Michigan non-profit and charity org codes.  Each week, we look up *all* the new licenses granted in the last 7 days and add them to our database.  We have all your approved licenses in our database for up to 60 days into the future. Our database is updated on Monday of each week.

Q: Do we ever need to call you with a license?

A: If you have to drive to Lansing to pick up a last minute license, please give us a call – it’s likely we don’t have that one!

Q: What do I need to provide to get started?

A: Just a few things – here’s the list:

  • Your Tournament schedule
  • Hours of operation – Cash Games
  • Any artwork or graphics you want used on your banner
  • A phone number for players to call
  • A mailing address or email where we can invoice you
  • plus any other information that you want players to know about, like
    • your web site
    • facebook page
    • cash & other table games you offer
    • twitter, text club, etc



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