We receive between 5000 - 6000 visits per month from Michigan. Over 9,000 page loads happen every 30 days. That's a whole bunch of Michigan poker players looking for charity tournament information.

Special attention for your special events?  You got it!  We send your event details out in our Tuesday general announcement e-mail notices, and post them on our Facebook page.  If you want a big banner it is updated with a special splash screen about your event too!  We do all this for free!

We have a bunch of new advertising options at UMichiganPoker LLC. Take a look through all our options, or call for more information. (702) 366-3870

Call to get your site listed! (702) 366-3870


Poker Room Listing:
Poker Room Listing - big banner, web page, etc.
E-Mail Options:
Dedicated e-mail blast, newletter banners
Small Home Page Banners
Ad on every page!
Single Tournament Listing:
For those locations who host 1-day events throughout the year.


  1. What about promocode website listing? Can we feature one on your website? provides promocodes for various nj online casinos. We are about to finish the similliar website but for Michigan casino. Do you think it will be a good fit for ?

    • I think the promo code is a good idea, but only for Michigan…not NJ. So when you know there is one for Michigan, send to me and I can see about displaying on my Home Page. Does the Promo Code company pay for placement? Or is there any money at all with this?
      Thanks for the comment,
      CEO UMichiganPoker

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